Preparation Strategy for SSC CGLE

All the SSC CGLE-2011 aspirants, We need to have some strategy to prepare for the exam in an efficient way.I would like to present a strategy which can help you clear it with normal efforts withot spending more time on unuseful topics.

The distribution of the marks and questions in T1+T2 and preparation strategy is as under:

The amount of time spent on preparation varies from individual to individual. But because the distribution of marks is so much skewed towards Maths & English, it becomes obvious to strategize the time in favour of these 2 subjects. General awareness has weightage only in Tier-1 and since nothing big can be done to improve this part in a small time we should limit our time spent on this. Also, for reasoning we should only spend limited effort because it will matter only in Tier-1. During Tier-1 it can be given 25-30 % share of time and G Awareness less than 15 %. In overall preparation these 2 subjects should not take more than 10% (each) of your time. Refer below chart to manage your time depending on your inclination towards English/Maths. These 2 most are the most important subjects and should take 80% of your time in total. You can spend 30-50% on a subject based on your strengths.

GK- total marks=50 No. of question 50.- Every individual is able to score 15 marks in this section without any extra effort. In other words, almost 15 questions asked in this section are very easy and belong to day to day life e.g. 1. What are the functions of WTO. 2. Who won the ICC cricketer of the Year in 2010 etc.

Your target in this paper should be 25-30 marks. For achieving target of 25 -30 or more than 30 read as much objective question with answers available in current magazines and practice book, as u can. 

Books Recommended: Lucent GK, Manorama/Scholastic Yearbook, CSR etc.

Reasoning- total marks=50 No. of question 50.- This is the scoring section of CGL, in this section one can easily score 45- 50 marks with hundred percent accuracy. The mool mantra for scoring 45-50 marks is practice practice and practice from any book(s) which you like most and which consist verbal and non-verbal both.

Books Recommended: Practice Book of Kiran Prakashan, R.S. Aggarwal etc.

Math total marks=250 No. of question 150(50T1+100T2) For this section your target should be between 170 to 220. It is a scoring subjects for aspirants with Mathematical background. Even if you are not good at maths you will need to score above 150 to have any chance of getting selected. You may select certain topics like geometry, probability etc, if you are short of practice. General these questions are lengthy and take time. Make sure you practice enough to complete the questions in time. Don't miss out on easy questions. 

Books Recommended: Quicker Math by M. Tyra (BSC Publication) , Objective Math by RS Aggarwal(S Chand Publication) .

English total marks=250 No. of question 250(50T1+200T2) For this section your target should be anything between 160 to 225. You may develop the habit of reading English News paper( The Hindu), monthly magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan(hindi) and Pratiyogita Kiran(hindi). This will help u to get 15 marks from GK without any extra effort

Books recommended: Monthly/Weekly Magazines like Reader's Digest & Sunday Indian, Word Power Made easy, r.s. agarwal's objective general english (S. chand publications).

All the best!

courtesy: gurpreetss i.e. ME & BIHARI ON TOP@PG